Hunting my closet, hunting my own style

Hello loves, welcome to the blog, I am very excited that you are giving me some of your precious time to read me so, THANK YOU!

Let me tell you the main idea of the blog, Hunting My Closet is about finding ourselves, and by that I mean, looking for our own style and above all doing it creatively because we do not always «need» to go shopping, although I must confess that it is one of my favorite activities ever, but hey what I’m trying to prove is that if we check well in our closet with a little bit of ingenious and some nice inspiration we will find the perfect outfit without spending or at least having choices at affordable prices so, I really hope could be able to inspire you so, y’all be able to create awesome looks without being impossible to get them.

Truly I hope you enjoy every post, as much as I do, hunting nothing but your own style.

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Hi, I’m Liz – Mexican born FASHION BLOGGER & CONTENT CREATOR. Thanks for following along & being part of our amazing community.

IG: @lizlescieur